Throughout my practice and research portfolio I have been motivated to develop a greater understanding of the interactions between people and their environments. Within my research to-date I have focused on areas such as wellbeing, universal design and accessibility, human building-interaction, physical mobility, way-finding, ageing and ubiquitous technologies.

I am a Research Fellow at the University of Dundee in Scotland, and a Researcher Co-Investigator on the BESiDE (RCUK grant EP/K037293/1 “BESiDE: The Built Environment for Social Inclusion in the Digital Economy”), research project.

My background, professional experience and degrees are based within Architecture; yet reach across disciplines. I currently research within and between the realms of Human Computer-Interaction (HCI), Accessibility, Ageing and the Built Environment. User-centred methods drives my research and design process, from the initial phases through to completion and dissemination. My work focuses on evidence-based design and understanding the interaction needs and wants of users in Architecture contexts.

I am a biographer of Selwyn Goldsmith and was awarded a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Research Trust Award to write the monograph, ‘Selwyn Goldsmith (1932-2011) and the Architectural Model of Disability: A Retrospective of the Man and the Model’. Related research outputs include, an invitation to talk as part of the ‘Perspectives on Architecture’ lecture series at the RIBA Headquarters, a RIBA Monograph, various Journal Articles and authorship of the entry of Selwyn Goldsmith in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Please feel free to browse through my TeachingProjects and  Blogs to see more about the type of research and practice I am involved with, or download my CV for further information.