Fieldwork: In association with Ushida Findlay Architects, Fieldwork was a live project unit within an architectural school, founded in the belief that the study of architecture should respond to changing demands of the profession. It’s stance is the link of practice, research and teaching through live commissions, extrapolating research from the process of practice as research.

Project Brief: Commissioned for London 2012 Olympics. The client proposed an art gallery presented as a theatrical experience. The building is to be enjoyed as a journey of installations and performances, arranged in four intertwining routes, combining to form a hill. The outside surface is landscaped so that visitors can enjoy the view. In my final year of Architecture School, I was part of a small team who delivered the project to the client body.

Site:  Potters Fields, South London, United Kingdom. On the Banks of the River Thames.

the hill site plan



An Arts and Culture Centrepiece for the 2012 Olympics. Briefed by a visionary client, it is a landscaped structure arising from a Thames side garden. It is a synergy of imagination and technology with artists creating a series of installations which stimulate the senses. Four ‘routes’ intertwine to create the form which houses the exhibitions for the enjoyment of every visitor.


Composite Drawing 


the hill compo


Design Team, Process and Concept: 

“The design concept is a “grass not glass” hill with art attractions below ground.”

Kathryn Findlay, Ushida Findlay

Contextual Sections


Wired Framed Contextual Elevation

elevation wire

The conventional design notion of plan and section are derived from the resultant form. Working with world class engineers, the design process has addressed structure and environmental design strategies, as well as incorporating original research on inclusive design.


 Conceptual Development Process and Analysis


Activity Section in Context 


Slicing plans from the Parametric Model


Detailed Plans



Environmental Strategies



Structural and Construction Strategies


Weaving Journeys, Structure and Cores




Sectional Perspective



Views through the weaving journeys and structure. 


 Designer’s Experience:

“This is not just a piece of theory we are working on, it is a real project which may well come to fruition, which adds an extra edge to it.”

Lesley McIntyre

“The plans we have worked on are for a very complex, pioneering building which offers all sorts of new challenges for us as architects. It has been great for us to be able to bring our ideas to the table for a major project right in the heart of London.”

Michael Williams

Award: Nominated for an Royal Institute of British Architect (RIBA) President’s Medal Student Award 2007

“The Hill is nominated for its innovative design process, creating a new spatial mode with the supporting input of research on navigation systems, with emphasis on inclusive design. Students have made a leap in their understanding of architecture, created an original piece of design and in their thesis, established potent research.”

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