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Within ‘The Voice of SuZhou He 31 ‘144.121’ 274’ project the aim of ‘Making Tee’ was to document the locals’ perspective of their community, through their eyes, and advertise this on a t-shirt which they could wear. The aim was to interact and engage with the people of the site, to document the voices of the residents, to advertise their voices and to thank those who got involved.

The focus for each quote was I like living here because…’

Making T


Method Descriptor

Each person recruited was give a white t-shirt with the name of the site ‘The Voice of SuZhou He 31 ‘144.121’ 274’  painted on in bright blue paint. With help from a translator we asked each person to describe and advertise what they liked about where they lived. These thoughts were written onto the t-shirts by the participants and became a record of their ‘voice’.

All participants were given their t-shirts as a gift and we recorded their voice by taking a photograph which was placed within the final exhibition at the 7th Shanghai Bienniale .




The Voices 

T story 2



T story 1


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