Dr Lesley McIntyre was awarded a RIBA Research Trust Award to collate and write the monograph of Selwyn Goldsmith and this article presents a summary of this research. (Philip) Selwyn Goldsmith, Architect, Researcher and Author, worked relentlessly throughout his life to provide understanding for access and inclusion within architectural design. Author of several influential books, he was the first Architect to receive the Harding Award for services to disabled people and will always be remembered as the Early Accessibility Pioneer and the Grandfather of Universal Design. Throughout his professional life, Selwyn challenged what he termed as ‘institutional discrimination’ of the buildings that placed barriers in the way of people who wanted to use them. He regularly worked with HRH Prince Charles, as part of the Prince of Wales Advisory Group on Disability, and travelled all over the world giving lectures focused on ‘access for everyone’ instead of just ‘access for the disabled’.