Research, Practice & Teaching Portfolio

I have developed research proposals and been a major contributor in securing funding for both individual and collaborative research projects. I have previously worked within architect practices in Northern Ireland, New York and Scotland and have regularly lectured on various aspects of architecture and designing for enablement.

I am a past awardee of the Martin Jones Scholarship for research, from the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) and hold a RIBA Research Trust Award, from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

My work truly embodies an ethos for excellence in accessibility and user-centred design and is pioneering unique methodologies in the field of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment.

Below are several examples of my research and practice projects. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

  • BESiDE - The Built Environment for Social Inclusion in the Digital Economy

    BESiDE investigates how older people are currently marginalised from society. It will go further by identifying where digital technologies have the potential to address restricting factors for older people within the built environment. I am currently Researcher Co-Investigator on the BESiDE project.

  • BIT-Kit The Building Interactions Tool-kit

    In current architectural discourse there is a lack of method in building evidence to understand the link between buildings and the wellbeing, independence and mobility of the people who use them. In response to this knowledge gap, the Building Interactions Toolkit (BIT-Kit) supports the gathering of real-world interaction evidence within buildings.

  • A Snapshot of Architectural Practice

    In addition to academia Lesley has worked within industry in architectural practice in Northern Ireland, New York and Scotland.She has acquired an understanding of a range of architectural and design tactics in different design briefs and she utilises design research methods to develop an empathetic, ethical, user-centred and rigorous approach within her work.

  • A Sense of Movement: Thinking Machine

    With the proposal investigative title of,” a sense of movement”, aim is to investigate the act of movement and the connection of this with the senses of our bodies, in particular the sense of touch. This project was part of my BArch Degree in Architecture and I undertook this project with the sense-loss charity Sense Scotland.

  • The Architects Perspective: BESiDE

    To find out more about the process of designing a care home, we started by interviewing Built Environment Professionals (BEP’s) who work in Architects offices in Scotland. These interviews (10) have started to ‘set the scene’ and have provided insight into the current processes and methods of contemporary design practice focused on designing for the future of the ageing population.

  • The Way-finding Journey

    This PhD Thesis has been immersed in investigating the holistic experience of way-finding in buildings by people who have a range of visual ability.

  • 'The Hill', Arts and Cultural Proposal - Fieldwork

    Commissioned for London 2012 Olympics. The client proposed an art gallery presented as theatrical experience. The art is to be enjoyed as a journey of installations and performances, arranged in four intertwining routes , combining to form a hill. The outside surface is landscaped so that visitors can enjoy the view. I was part of a small team who delivered the project to the client body.

  • Selwyn Goldsmith (1932-2011) and the Architectural Model of Disability

    I was awarded a Royal Institute of British Architect's (RIBA) Research Trust Award to write and research a monograph focused on a retrospective exploration of Selwyn Goldsmith and his principal work - the Architectural Model of Disability.

  • ‘The Voice of SuZhou He 31 ‘144.121’ 274’ ’

    In association with the 7th Shanghai Biennale titled ‘Trans-Local-Motion’, fifty students from design schools across the world were, through portfolio submission, selected to take part in the 2008 International Design Summer School. This initiative was hosted by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP), Tongji University, Shanghai. During the first year of her PhD, I was invited & the financial support provided by the 2008 Martin Jones Scholarship enabled her to participate.