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Within ‘The Voice of SuZhou He 31 ‘144.121’ 274’ project the aim of The Little Blue Camera was to document the locals’ perspective of their community, through their eyes, with bright blue disposable cameras.

The focus for each picture taken was I like living here because…’


Method Descriptor

We asked the people of the site to take photographs of where they lived, what they liked about where they lived, their daily activities, their families, their friends, their hobbies and their businesses. When returned these photos were developed and were presented in the final exhibition. Postcards of these photos were then given to the people who captured ‘I like living here because…’.




Cameras were given to capture granddad’s story, the shopkeeper’s story, the ladies stories, the boy’s story and the delivery man’s story*

Granddad’s Story

Granddads Story

The Shopkeeper’s Story

Shopkeeper Story

The Ladies Stories

Ladies stories


The Boy’s Story

The Boys Story


*Please note that the deliveryman did not return his camera so unfortunately we do not have his story. 🙁

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