The Martin Jones Award is one of the premier awards available to architects and architectural students in the United Kingdom. I was very honoured to be awarded the Award in 2008 to undertake the project ‘The Voice of SuZhou He 31 ‘144.121’ 274’ ’.

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“Martin Jones specified that he wished to provide an opportunity for an outstanding student or graduate of the School of Architecture, Engineering and the Physical Sciences, to pursue a personal line of creative investigation and research.”  

Martin Jones Scholarship and Award Detail

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that this prestigious award has provided. At a critical time in my research career the scholarship has enabled me to travel, explore, take photographs, write, broaden my architectural design horizons and work with multi-disciplinary creatives from around the world. I have been able to independently explore many multifaceted aspects of architecture and design, work with my design group and the people of SuZhou He 31 ‘144.121’ 274’ and be immersed within the exciting context of the 2008 international Design Summer School and the 7th Shanghai Biennale. This would not have been possible without the support from the Martin Jones Scholarship.

The legacy of this scholarship is that it has presented me with experiences which have enhances my knowledge of architecture, urban studies, the design process, participatory involvement and creative collaboration. These experiences have made me, as an architectural designer and researcher, even more excited about different aspects of design, architecture, research, advertising, communities, ethnographic methods and future collaborations.

The Boys Story

The new skills acquired, friendships made and work completed within this period of research and design have added rich and diverse elements in enhancing my architectural and design portfolio. The lessons discovered, discussions had, and methods adopted at the 2008 International Design Summer School have positively impacted on my subsequent research. They will have a lasting influence on my creative development as I continue to mature as a researcher and designer.

To find out more about this project please see project ‘The Voice of SuZhou He 31 ‘144.121’ 274’ ’.

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