Abstract Images of Selwyn Goldsmith ImagesI was awarded a Royal Institute of British Architect’s (RIBA) Research Trust Award to write and research a monograph focused on a retrospective exploration of Selwyn Goldsmith and his principal work – the Architectural Model of Disability.   It is always a bitter sweet mix when a piece of work comes to an end. I am finding it very difficult to let it go (and have spent the weekend pushing pixels and changing font sizes),  but I am happy to report it is officially finished and has been signed-off by the RIBA.

It received a glowing report from a RIBA Research Trust Award committee member who positively stated:

“This revealing highly enjoyable biographical research project is an important addition to the evaluation and understanding of access and inclusion as pioneered and relentlessly worked on by Selwyn Goldsmith virtually all his life.

It certainly does achieve its objective of extending the Architects critical understanding of Goldsmith’s “Architectural Model of Disability”, as well as revealing the tortuous sequence of events including the Goldsmith v Penton arguments in AJ vividly remembered by many Architects and Access Consultants.”

And continues,

“This research does undoubtedly give us a better understanding of disability within Architecture and Goldsmith Studies are implicit within this understanding. There are some fascinating and enjoyable insight into Goldsmith’s life. As an Architect he disclosed “he was ill equipped to be a practitioner”, which resulted ironically in His name and work being recognised globally, His influence as is clearly documented, changed not only regulations and design but “attitudes” within the Architectural Profession.

This report is an outstanding well researched tribute to Selwyn Goldsmith, his life work and achievements.”

Here it is….. please feel free to email questions or comments – I would love to hear from you!

Goldsmith Monograph - Dr L.J. McIntyre (PDF)


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